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The LK Method


Mini Love is a 21 Day stress-less program. It teaches you how to use smart, modern methods to get a handle on that out of control feeling and start fuelling your best self.

You get live group support and engaging daily tools to go from feeling stressed, to feeling Zen.

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LK Method

The Loving Kindness (LK) Method is a highly innovative mind-body health transformation program. It’s a nutrition program that focuses on changing the way you think, in order to positively influence health and wellness. Through specialized food plans, empowering tools, and positive self-care strategies, you’re supported as you become the healthy, whole person you were born to be.

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Initial Session (1hr)


Here’s What’s Included

  • Welcome package
  • Comprehensive intake
  • Recommendations
  • 3-day meal plan
  • Rate applies to: Nutrition, Bioenergetics & Biofeedback testing

Follow-up Sessions

Session Options

  • 1.0 hr ($120)
  • .75 hr ($90)
  • .50 hr ($75)


Meal Plan & Recipes

(7 days $99)
(14 days $179)

Detailed make-ahead meal plans with food guide, shopping list and delicious, body loving recipes that focus on beating cravings, balancing blood sugar and using food to feel your best!

You’ll learn how to cook delicious, nourishing meals that leave you feeling happier and fabulous. Best of all each recipe has been specifically chosen to guide you effortlessly to your wellness goals.

If you’ve got stressed out skin, then there is a meal plan for you. If you’ve got a stressed immune system, then energy promoting meals are it. Panic making your IBS symptoms worse? The right meal plan can make it right.

* Note: All fees are subject to HST.

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