Loving Kindness Method

Healthy living isn’t exactly brain surgery. But it is brain science.

Science is showing us that changing how you think and the choices you make is the key to changing your health.

Get ready to:

Change the way you think so you can be the very best of you!

Eat the way you enjoy and still meet health goals.

Learn to manage stress more effectively—it’s at the root of it all.

Actually change old habits that have never served you. Like ever.

Show yourself some love. It will change not only you and your brain, but it’s going to impact EVERYONE who comes your way.

Discover the secrets to aging well, keeping a healthy weight, and self-healing.

When your health has suffered or you’re struggling with being overweight, you know it. But still you live in this sort of self-imposed denial. You look at yourself in the mirror and you think:


How did I let myself reach this point?


When did I let myself go?


This isn't the real me.

If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

The Loving Kindness Method 

The LK Method is a highly innovative body-mind health transformation program. It’s a nutrition program that focuses on changing the way you think in order to positively influence healthy behaviours. Through specialized food plans, empowering tools, and positive self-care strategies, you’re supported as you become the healthy, whole person you were born to be.

Imagine for a moment that you have a real and tangible way to help yourself be your best—a way to feel like you have an achievable plan.

Imagine that you have access to a simple system that helps you create a customized plan so you can lose excess weight, improve your mood, and experience healthy aging.

Imagine that you are engaged in your health and that you have the ability to change and prevent disease. You are active, your mood is upbeat, your immune system is strong, and everyone keeps telling you how amazing you look.

THIS is the real you!

Your new outlook positively impacts everyone around you.

You’ve learned exactly what foods to eat and why.

You know the stress-busting tools and strategies that work for you.

You’ve learned to develop new habits that lead to permanent changes.

You’ve learned to be loving and kind toward yourself.

Your energy level is skyrocketing and you feel better than when you were in college.

It may sound like a fantasy, but it’s possible.  Let me show you how.

Meet Your Coach

I’m Lisa, a clinical nutritionist, educator and speaker. I’ve spent almost 20 years helping my clients live the happy and healthy lives they deserve. I’ve also done a lot of work to live the happy and healthy life I wanted for myself.

My wake-up call involved what felt like a total collapse of my life. Fear and worry had taken control. I was paralyzed to take action and my health suffred immensely. Prioritizing self-care and finding compassion for myself helped me regain ME. I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt and I’m taking on more than ever before!

I’m excited to show you a better way!

  • Ready to make healthy changes that will last a lifetime?
  • Want to enjoy your journey to living healthy?
  • Do you want to achieve physical vitality, and feel attractive again?

No matter how much you’ve struggled in the past, I know you can become the person you’ve always envisioned. You are capable of having the happy, healthy life you deserve.

Getting a little curious?

Love Notes

I’ve come to realize the body can self heal. This approach has impacted every aspect of my life. The side effect was weight loss and my eczema clearing up, but the biggest life change was in my thinking.

D. Pack

I’ve reached my healthy weight, without even thinking about it, I’ve learned how to manage the stresses in my life and I’m loving it again.

G. Clark

I didn’t realize how important self-care was. Now I’m back on my game and everyone has noticed. It’s like I’m a new, more authentic me.

M. Joisten

I love this program. I know Lisa actually cares, it’s not just a job.

M. Tanner

Proven approaches to create lasting change.

What to expect:

When you work with me, you’ll get a personalized nutrition plan and strategies that focus on re-patterning the beliefs, thoughts, and behaviours that have been holding you back. Together we will use this powerful cognitive model to identify your key values. We will work together to create an achievable step-by-step plan specific to your goals.

Get back to the real you! Let me show you how.

The LK Method

Life-Changing Program

A powerful 6-month, life-changing program that will totally reboot your life. You’ll reach wellness goals, conquer negative thought and behavior patterns, control stress and the nasty impact it has on your health.

Personalized Approach

You are going to be the best YOU possible, enjoying everything from a healthy weight, to improved digestion, to balanced hormones. You’ll be supported every step of the way.

What’s Included

6 months of personalized sessions and action plans

12 bi-weekly private sessions

Community support; with 1 live call each month

In-person and online appointments

Office hours when you can message about anything

Digital workbook to make your journey successful

Focused topics and tips

Action plan sheets with key session takeaways

Recipe eBook with tons of delicious recipes

Plus 4 Exclusive Bonuses

LK Checklist

A vision board, daily check list you can use to start creating new habits. I ust this to create my day and ensure I’m sticking to my personalized health plan.

Meal Prep Tips and Tricks

Plan, cook, prep and store your food so that you always have a healthy meal ready to go.

Eat Out Like a Champ

It’s not easy to make good food choices while eating out. Let’s face it, many of us go to restaurants multiple times a week. This guide makes sure you choose the best items when eating out.

Snacking Right Recipes

I don’t want you to feel deprived. No reason for that! You’ll be receiving a ton of ideas for snacking and staying stisfied.

Being Loving and Kind to Yourself

I specialize in helping people like you, take their health back by using the latest in nutrition, psychology and bio-energetics. I provide the frame work and tools you need to recover you true, authentic self and get your health back on track, naturally. The LK Method is not a typical nutrition program. It uses the cognitive model to provide a framework for your success, which includes nutritional support designed to focus on your unique biology. This program will give you empowering tools like bio-feedback, and positive self-care strategies that ensure you become the healthy, whole person you were born to be.

At its core, LK Method is about learning to be loving and kind towards yourself in thought and action.

I will coach you through the loving kindness process that has worked for me and hundreds of my clients for almost 20 years.

It’s time to show yourself a little loving kindness.

This Approach is Right for You If…


You've had a wake-up call and want to create lasting change.


You are ready to take steps to improve your life permanently.


You've made some health changes, but are still feeling crappy and confused.


Old habits die hard — you're ready to make new ones.


You're feeling frustrated with all the conflicting health advice out there.


You're looking for more than a nutrition plan; you want a life plan.


One-on-one personalized coaching every step of the way is up your alley.

“This approach has impacted every aspect of my life.”

It’s time to show yourself a little loving kindness.


What makes the LK approach different?

LK Method is about learning to being loving and kind towards yourself in thought and action. Through self compassion comes shift in thoughts, emotions and behaviours. The program uses multiple science back tools to help you achieve healing and prevention of dis-ease. Functional Nutrition, Individualized sessions, Bio-feedback and Behavioural Therapy.

How long are the appointments?

  • Comprehensive initial intake (1 hrs.)
  • Comprehensive initial intake (1 hrs.)
  • Check in call 1 week later (30 min.)
  • Individualized program (reviewed in check in call)
  • 12 bi-weekly private sessions (45 min & 1 hrs.)
  • Office hours: you can message me about anything
  • 2 live monthly group online sessions (1-1.5 hrs.)

Why is the LK Method 6 months?

It’s a comprehensive program created to focus on your health and your brain. There is a lot to accomplish and 6 months is going to whip by in a flash. Think about it. It took a long time for you to develop your beliefs and behaviours towards your health. It’s a complete and totally myth that it only takes 30 days to break a habit and create a new one. The truth? It can take up to a year. Yup. Changing ain’t easy baby.

Do you offer online coaching?

Absolutely! The entire program can be completed virtually. You’ll still receive your one-on-one support.

This is a big investment for me. Do you offer any other payment options?

There are 3 payment options. Simply click on the “Sign up Today” button to see the payment options.

I’ve worked with you in the past. Is this still something I should sign up for?

The simple answer is yes. This is a comprehensive, individualized approach to achieve your health goals. You will receive a higher level of one-on-one support than what I can provide in my one off sessions. If you’re uncertain, I think you should book a chat first to make sure.

Got More Questions?

If you’re uncertain, or need more information, please book a free 30-minute chat with me.

If you’re not ready to talk yet, then shoot us an email. Happy to answer all your queries to the best of our ability.

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